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Seasonal Pros and Cons

Seasons play a role in wedding planning. There are pros and cons to each main wedding season. Let's compare outdoor spring weddings and autumn weddings.

Spring weddings can be beautiful! The lush green spaces and growing flowers make for a picturesque backdrop to your special day! Sunshine is warm and makes everyone feel good. The sounds of nature can be peaceful and add to the serenity of the day.

Sometimes spring weddings are challenging. It can be too hot for the wedding party and the guests. You may want to get married outside, but rain may change that plan. The rain can ruin your decor and furniture. You must have a backup plan. The problem with a backup plan is finding a venue that will cooperate with that plan.

Autumn weddings sound like the perfect solution, right? Mmmm. Autumn weddings can be beautiful too! The temperatures are usually cooler. The leaves are falling/have fallen. Pumpkins and mums are great decorations for autumn weddings, and some couples even go to a Halloween theme. Just remember, cool temperatures make dressing for weddings hard, and snow may throw a wrench in your plans.

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